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Who is Dogs Supporting Local? We are a team from a Vancouver-based pet app called PawSwap . Over the past few months, we’ve heard hundreds of stories from businesses and dog owners that have been negatively affected by COVID-19,  so we wanted to do something to help. And while social distancing restrictions are loosening up, one thing is certain; the impact that COVID-19 has had on the pet industry and the dog community,  is here to stay.

Where Vancouver dog owners and businesses can come together to support local.



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dog owners to make a significant change.


shift to local shopping
can make a HUGE impact.
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ways to help and show support.

* Purchasing local pet products will re-circulate money back into the BC economy, by providing more jobs for people in the pet industry, reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing charitable contributions to local organizations (like dog rescues)!

Realizing the strength that the dog community has as a whole, inspired us to take action and create Dogs Supporting Local - an initiative that should continue with, or without a virus. With Dogs Supporting Local, you can help support dog owners and businesses with the simple act of purchasing local.

Help support local in 2 ways. 

1. Use this guide to shop local for your dog.

We’ve put together a platform that you can use each time you’re inside your local pet store, so you can quickly search your favourite brand, or product and feel good about each dog-related purchase.

2. Buy a Dog Supporting Local Kit

Dogs Supporting Local Kits have been put together with love by the PawSwap team.  We partnered with some of your favourite local dog businesses to provide a kit to help support those in need.


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