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Dogs Supporting Local Kits

Some of your favourite local dog businesses have come together to provide this kit, joining our mission to help support those in need.


Value $85

The Dogs Supporting
Local Kit

What's Inside

Local companies who are able to help, have come together to provide the essential dog kit - think of it as a nice way to also say thank you to your pup for being the best social distancing companion and staying at home by your side. The kit will include things like toys, treats, different foods to try, accessories and more...

For every kit purchased at $65, a second kit of essential items will be donated to rescue or charity of your choice. Our first round of kits was able to raise over $2,000 worth of pet products that were donated to local Vancouver rescues and charities.  


Learn about what rescues and charities we are working with here.

Donate a Kit


We want everyone to be able to get their paws on a Dogs Supporting Local Kit. During this time we know things have been tough financially and some can help more than others which is why we came up with a pay it forward model.

For those who only have the means to provide for their pup. Purchase the kit at our lowest possible price of $45.

For those who can offer help. Purchase the kit at $65, and 1 kit of essentials will be gifted to a local rescue or charity of your choice.

Give A Free Kit

We will be starting a pay it forward mission, allowing people to nominate local dog owners who they think deserve a little helping hand, and who they’d like to see receive a FREE Dogs Supporting Local Kit. Maybe it's your neighbour that recently lost their job due to the pandemic, or your friend who is a nurse but still makes sure her dog is well taken care of.

If you know someone who needs a little extra love right now, we want to hear about them. Send us their story to nominate them today.

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Be sure to tag us using @dogssupportinglocal and #dogssupportinglocal ♥


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